i’m pretty sure Tidus has spent the game thinking the entirety of Dissidia was his story and everyone else was just NPCs along for the ride

it seems to be a running gag that Tidus says something dumb and Cloud all but calls him a dumbass for it

That guy I just told you ‘bout? I gave him your sword… he likes it.

The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded...
Never forget them.


t Idus - 2/3 (w/ mountgagelkasf i couldn’t spell ur url/oops this caption was c&p)

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD - ‘Will' - Yuna and Tidus Concept Art


Have some Tidus cuteness~


back at it again at krispy kreme


t Idus & his leg ok pay attention to his leG3/3 (w/ mountgagelkasf)

Seymour and Tidus sass battle it out. 



Seymour, Yuna and Tidus all share connections with one another, and I believe they are meant to be a trinity. All three live in the shadow of their fathers (and outdo them), all three lose their unnamed mothers at a young age and all three are locked in a romantic triangle. Not only this, all three exhibit traits of christ; Seymour imitates the crucifix, Yuna walks on water, and Tidus sacrifices himself so that man may be free of Sin. While their differences overshadow their similarities  they nevertheless remain intimately connected at their core.


t Idus - 1/3 (w/ mountgagelkasf i couldn’t spell ur url)

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